Surah Al-Fatihah | Surah Fatiha Free PDF (In Arabic With Clear Color Fonts) | Importance Of Surah Fatiha

Surah Al-Fatihah | Surah Fatiha Free PDF (In Arabic With Clear Color Fonts) | Importance Of Surah Fatiha

Quran Surah Fatiha

In the name of Allah, most gracious and most merciful!

Quran Surah Al-Fatihah | Surah Al-Fatihah In Arabic | Surah Al-Fatihah With Clear Color Fonts | سورة الفاتحة | Surah Fatiha | Surah Fatiah | Surah Al Fatiha | 

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Use the link below to download the Surah Al-Fatiha in PDF format…

About Surah Fatiha (Al-Fatihah – The Opener, سورة الفاتحة)

This is the first Surah of the Holy Book Quran. The literal meaning of the Surah Al-Fatiha is “The Opener”. This might relate to the fact that it is the first Surah in the Quran. In other words, Al-Fatiha serves as a kind of introduction.

This first surah of the Holy Quran, i.e. Surah Fatiha read in full in every Rakat of Salah, or the way it serves as an opening for various roles in everyday Islamic life. Some Muslims see it as a reference to the Surah’s indicated power to bring a person to faith in God.


Surah Fatiha Revelation Place

The Surah Al-Fatiha was revealed in the West Arabian towns of Mecca (Makkah). The Surahs revealed at Makah are known as Maki Surahs. 


Surah Fatiha Revelation Period

Surah Al-Fatihah is one of the earliest revelations of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It was, in fact, the first entire Surah revealed to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH), according to reliable traditions, only a few different verses which form parts of Alaq, Muzzammil, Muddaththir, etc, were revealed before this Surah.


What is the significance of the name Al-Fatiha (Why is it called Al-Fatiha)?

  1. This surah is essential to any prayer. “The prayer is invalid without the Fatiha of the book,” the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stated.
  2. It is impossible to be a true believer unless this Surah has been memorized.
  3. This is the first Surah in the Quran’s sequence.
  4. The first complete chapter(surah) that was revealed.
  5. Fatiha is a way to get away from difficult situation. This is why ‘fath‘ means ‘victory‘ in Arabic. As a result, Fatiha is the key to unlocking all of life’s difficulties. 



This surah (Al-Fatihah) is actually a prayer that Allah has taught to anyone who chooses to read His book (Holy Quran). This surah was placed at the beginning of the Quran to teach the reader this lesson: “If you truly wish to profit from the Quran, say this prayer to the Lord of the Universe.

This preface is intended to create a great desire in the heart of the reader to seek direction, guidance, and advice from the God of the Universe (Almighty Allah SWT), Who is the only one Who can provide it. Thus, Surah Al-Fatihah implies that the greatest thing a human can do is pray for guidance on the straight path, study the Holy Quran with the mental attitude of a seeker seeking the truth, and acknowledge that the Lord of the Universe (Almighty Allah SWT) is the source of all knowledge. Therefore, he/she should begin the recitation of the Quran with a prayer to Almighty Allah (SWT) for guidance.

No doubt, the true relation between Al-Fatihah and the Quran, is not that of an introduction to a Holy Quran, but that of a prayer request and its response. the servant and the Master’s (Allah SWT) response to the servant’s request is the Holy Quran. The servant prays to seek direction & guidance from the Master (Allah SWT), and the Master(Allah SWT) responds by placing the entire Quran in front of him as if to say, “This is the message and guidance you asked from Me”.

The Surah Fatiha is a prayer that should be offered from the heart and soul. We should examine each and every word in this surah(Surah Fatiha), delving into its origin, and attempting to comprehend the concepts that have been addressed in it by cross-referencing them with other chapters(Surahs) in the Holy Quran that enlighten and amplify similar concerns. Surah Al Fatiha serves as a portal to the world of divine instruction, while the remainder of the Holy Quran serves as a road map. Every Muslim is required to learn it, memorise it, and recite it aloud.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, A person’s prayer is invalid(void) if he does not recite Surah Al-Fatiha.




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Use the link below to download the Surah Al-Fatiha in PDF format…

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